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How to Make a Chain Stitch

Learning how to make a chain stitch is vital in crochet. Most of your projects will begin with a slip knot and then a “foundation” chain. Chain stitches are also used throughout many patterns, it is a very easy stitch and it will only take you minutes to master. The chain stitch is abbreviated as “ch” in crochet patterns.


If you have ever used a sewing machine then you know how important the word tension is. Creating your foundation chain is easy, but your yarn tension might be a little more difficult to master.

What is Tension???

Tension is how tight or loose that you crochet.

Everyone’s tension is different, and that’s OKAY! I tend to crochet on the loose side, that’s something that I’ve figured out and it has made me all the better for it. It doesn’t matter if you crochet super loose, super tight, just right, as long as you are consistent throughout your project, your work will turn out beautifully!

For now, forget that I even mentioned tension at all! I want you to follow the steps below and practice your chain stitch, as soon as you master that stitch, you will be able to move your attention over to your tension. 

Chain Stitch Tutorial

The very first thing you need to do is create your slip knot. If you need to see how to make a slip know, check out my previous post. Every foundation chain will begin with a slip knot.

Step One: After creating your slip knot, wrap the working yarn over your crochet hook (This is called yarning over, abbreviated “yo”).

Step Two: “Grab” the working yarn with your hook and pull it through the loop on your hook.

And that’s it! You just created your very first chain stitch! Repeat the steps to create a chain.

Continue chaining for practice, and once you feel like you have a handle on the chain stitch, definitely start to focus on your tension.

Are your chain stitches the same size? Try to be as consistent as possible! Practice definitely does make perfect when it comes to crochet!

I hope this tutorial was helpful! If you have any questions at all please leave a comment, or feel free to email me at

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